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4th grade is all about fitting in. For ten-year-old Daniel that means owning the latest in Hello Kitty fashion, liking the cutest boy in class, and convincing yourself you’re Asian when everyone else thinks you're white. Davis Desmond and Sari Lennick (The Coen Brother's A Serious Man, and Woody Allen's Cafe Society) star in this short comedy that proves identity is all in the eye of the beholder.

D. Asian started as short story penned by Phillip Guttmann (writer/producer) and is the first in a series of slightly twisted, dark and nostalgic short stories. 


At its core D.Asian is the story of a child seeking to clarify who he is in relation to those he identifies with most.  It's a timeless tale of that period in our lives when we crave the acceptance of our peers but regardless take a stand and for the first time say "no, THIS is who I am."  D. Asian encapsulates the universally understood struggle to be different - and for that to be okay.


In the coming fall, Guttmann and Smith (Writer & Director) plan to film their follow up short titled Black Hat about a seemingly pious Hasidic man living a secret double life misplaces his black hat which causes his two separate lives to collide in a way he never imagined. 


In addition, Guttmann and Smith have co-created and the new web series Tender Touches. The first episode "Maniac" was produced as part of the 2018 AT&T create-a-thon competition and won 1st Prize - Best Standard Film.


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